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Refrigerated Trailers 
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Refrigerated Trailers SecretsExposed!

We have seen a lot over the past 12 years with portable refrigerated trailers. As the name implies there really are two key ingredients involved here, the refrigeration and the trailer. We have seen some folks get part of it right while most fail at both aspects when designing and building small refrigerated trailers.

Let's start with the trailer. This is the foundation of everything we do. The regular cargo- enclosed trailer industry has changed over the years so much and they are cutting out the strength and durability we require for refrigerated trailers. It is important not to just get a trailer off the lot and try this at home like so many we see out there today.check out this The Northern Fridgecompany more info.

Quality built refrigerated trailers should have:

Quality built refrigerated trailers should have:

1. Single Piece Aluminum roof 
2. 16" O.C. steel tube walls 
3. Steel tube roof 
4. Steel tube framed rear doors (not plywood w/ aluminum skin) 
5. Triple tube tongue 
6. L.E.D. lights 
7. Sub floor for superior insulation with aluminum underbelly 
8. Load D or greater tires for better stability 
9. No wood framing or wood walls/ceiling (lighter & stronger with no mold or mildew issues) 
10. Reinforced front nose for refrigeration unit 
11. Extended tongue with mounts for generator 
12. Should be specifically built to be refrigerated trailers and built with strength and durability in mind. Please check out how important it is to use a trailer made of steel tube instead of z-post or hat post.

We have even seen folks taking walk in coolers and putting them on a flat bed trailer. Be careful as many of these structures are not D.O.T. approved and you can be fined or even worse injure someone. Use common sense, walk in coolers are great for sitting inside or outside a building but they are not designed for the rigors of the road going up and down and side to side, they offer no structural support.

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All About Refrigerated Trailer

Most fleet assignments of any size today ought to have the ability to offer their customers an expansive organization to cover most sorts of tremendous exchanges. Continually, this suggests a level of specialization, and a front line naval force is most likely going to have different various vehicle orders to enough manage the various types of load. The overall hardened, chilled and perishables movement industry is a serious forceful market. Therefore, the vital requirement for sending relentless, operational watching is no place more applicable than when associated with temperature tricky exchanges, for instance, chilled meat and fish, new sustenances developed starting from the earliest stage, handles and pharmaceuticals passed on by a refrigerated fleet vehicle. Refrigerated trailer is an excellent resource for this.
Remote sensor development can similarly be used to send times-pressed readings, which can be recorded at a set number of different positions inside the trailer itself. Besides, a set number of temperature readings can similarly be sent by SMS message. Exactly when a GSM organize winds up available, whole deal temperature logging with data download can be used for temperature tricky stock in movement through long partition load by methods for land or sea. Thusly, a refrigerated vehicle's aggregate and point by point temperature record over the entire voyage can be poor down and downloaded over the web. 

In plot, temperature checking is critical to gigantic quantities of the present overall undertakings scattering hardened sustenance things, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sensitive remedial/investigate instruments or mechanical assembly. Customers need to know their movement will get in contact on time, secured against any rot while in transit. An adaptable asset following structure is a crucial wander with applications for an extensive variety of sustenance storerooms and dynamically, essential to remote PC server rooms. 

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